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What is at your center?…

on April 12, 2010

When I first met my future husband, I had no intentions of dating. I went to Western Christian College with God on my mind. I was tired of petty crushes, wasting my time thinking about guys who could care less about me. I wanted to learn more about God and focus on my relationship with him…then I met J.

What I have felt strongly from the beginning is that we need to keep God in the center of our relationship. God has been my best friend from as long as I can remember. He has never failed me and has shown himself to be what a friend should be. To leave him out of my relationship did not seem right. I knew that I wanted him present in my home after I got married (which I thought would never happen before I went to college), and that starts in the relationship between a guy and girl. With God in the middle of things, things work out. I am not saying that life will have no problems. Our relationship has had some difficult patches (visa issues and more) but our focus on God is what helped us through those patches.

A strong base built on God is a strong base for a relationship. It allows both people to grow and change (which should happen) and become more like the person God wants him or her to be. It allows for tragedy and joys to happen without tearing a couple apart. It keeps a couple’s relationship strong and healthy by keeping communication open, allowing hurts to be dealt with honestly, quickly and with compassion and love. All of the things that make any relationship healthy and keep it working come from God. He gives us the tools and strength to make things work.


2 responses to “What is at your center?…

  1. Aunt C~ says:

    Awesome, Sarah! I only wish everyone had that throught when they got married or even dated. I think maybe that is why so many do not work out. It’s sad really.

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