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Practical tips for centering….

on April 12, 2010

The last post had a lot of theory in it. You might be saying, “Ok, thats great, but how do I do that?” Well, here are some practical tips. If you have any others, feel free to add them.

  1. J and I pray together everyday, even if he is out of town for work. If we miss a day, we really feel it. We started doing it early in our relationship and means a lot to the both of us.
  2. Read the bible together
  3. Discuss what you read, do not be passive participants.
  4. Find a bible study you can do together, we received several for wedding gifts.
  5. Sing hymns or devo songs together
  6. Study on your own and discuss what you learned with the other person
  7. Encourage each other to read, study, reflect, or whatever they need encouragement doing. A personal relationship with God is important in creating a mutual relationship with Him.
  8. Go to weekend retreats together
  9. Go hiking, biking or doing anything that allows you to admire God’s creation. The enormity of God helps to put petty things in perspective. It also is encouraging because it shows that God is big enough to handle any problem.
  10. Pray for your significant other. It is a reminder how special they are but also helps to keep them first.

3 responses to “Practical tips for centering….

  1. Aunt C~ says:

    Man, I don’t how to word it, I tried making a ‘cool’ comment to this and all I end up doing is sound goofy. ha-ha (I have erased 4 times ha-ha) What I want to say in the end is, you two are just amazing and I am so proud of both of you to have the love in Christ to put him first and then your everyday routines.
    Love you guys! 🙂

  2. We don’t do this perfectly, some things have fallen by the wayside but we are always determined to try our best. Some things work better for a couple than others. Thanks 🙂 We appreciate you!

  3. Deberlena says:

    This is such and encouragement to read!!! I have always looked up to you both for the realationship you have with each other and God!! You guys are so dedicated to God and each other I really look up to that. I hope that me and kirk can have the close relationship like you and Jere have with each other and God!! I really wanna be like you guys in this area and to keep studing his word!!!! I love the Idea of praying each day with your significant other and studing the bible together I think it gives you another persons perspective and makes life easier. Thanks for being such and incouragement!!!!

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