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Just for fun….

on April 10, 2010
I bought J a Nerf gun for his birthday in January. I was nervous about getting it for him because I figured I would be getting shot at a lot. What I discovered is I actually enjoy shooting him. Last night he was hanging laundry up in the bedroom while I was studying and I decided I needed a laugh so I was going to sneak up on him with the gun and shoot him. Unfortunately, he came out of the bedroom as I came around the corner. It ruined my surprise but we had a good laugh about it anyway. I love how much fun we have with each other. Having fun doesn’t have to cost a thing!
The picture below is us being silly on a camping trip. Go out and have some free fun!

Camping trip


2 responses to “Just for fun….

  1. Aunt C~ says:

    Ha-ha…that is so true! 🙂

  2. Ok, anyone from class, I asked J what was in the bag. He thinks it’s pineapple….

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