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Falling down the rabbit hole of marriage

Falling down the rabbit hole….

on April 10, 2010
The idea of making a blog came from a class I am taking. Sometimes assignments have a direct relationship with real life. I love it when that happens. The immediate purpose of this site is for a grade. But I chose a template that I could use after this class is over so I can keep family up-to-date without having to use stamps 🙂 Being that I know a lot of people who are married, dating or would like to date I thought it would be fun to make a site about married life. I chose the idea of falling down the rabbit hole because that is what I felt like when I met J and his family and it continued after I got married. While we were raised with some similar beliefs, sometimes I feel like Alice, falling head first into another world.

2 responses to “Falling down the rabbit hole….

  1. Aunt C~ says:

    ha-ha That is so true Sarah, it is like falling down a rabbit’s hole into a different world. It’s crazy, but true!
    Good luck on your blog.

    ha-ha….Blog…now that is a funny word! Sounds like some kind of serious illness or something. ha-ha 🙂

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