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Best part of marriage….

on April 10, 2010
I was sitting with a couple friends having a chat and a question came up that I thought would be fun to write about.  I was asked what the best part of marriage is. I remember when we were dating, we were both living on campus and every night he would say goodnight to me outside the girls dorm. After spending all day together, it was always difficult to say goodbye/night. That is one of the best parts of marriage, when we say goodnight it doesn’t mean me going up the stairs to my dorm room and him down the building to his room. It just means goodnight. I enjoy the time that we get to spend together but most of all, I love that goodnight no longer means goodbye.

6 responses to “Best part of marriage….

  1. Aunt C~ says:

    Hey Sarah, that is really sweet! That is so true, too!! Sometimes that last moment together before you both have to go your seperate ways is the hardest part of the whole day, the time that a person comes to dread.

  2. stoutze says:

    I’m not going to lie, I am really looking forward to saying goodnight instead of goodbye. To me that is a really romantic idea, but that’s just me.

  3. SO sweet! I totally agree. That’s one of the best parts of marriage…not having to say goodbye at the end of the day.

    Love your blog!

  4. Deberlena says:

    i totally Understand this!!! That has got to be the hardest part for me right now!!! It is so hard to say goodnight knowing that it means goodbye, even if it might only be goodbye for the night it’s still hard!!!!

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